Elli Albrecht Studio

Abstract artist Elli Albrecht creates  contemporary art based on her imaginative portraits of nature. She paints an alternative visual experience with her diverse shapes, colors, and textures.

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One of the great unsolved mysteries  is understanding abstract art. Many people misinterpret this kind of art form because of how untraditional the style is. For me, this type of expression represents the ability to visualize the world with our own imagination. I chose abstract art because the room for interpretation is limitless. A piece of abstract artwork is one of a kind, it can never be truly copied, only imitated. I think a burst of creativity not only sparks our imagination but inspires us to act upon our dreams. My dream is to connect the world through visual art and to give others a release from one way of thinking. My paintings represent my spiritual connections to nature, dialogues between the natural world and my soul, and colorful transformations of emotions. When I paint in acrylic, I use a brush to layer on pigment, and a knife palette to unravel the overlapping textures. To achieve the right amount of harmony, I concentrate on precise detailing to discover the mysteries of life in natural elements. With abstract art, I have found freedom, balance and direction.