Elli Albrecht Abstract Artist

"Creating art is a journey, not a destination."

It is an exhilarating experience communicating with nature and translating meaning on to my canvas. I feel exuberantly alive, harboring positive energy and allowing it to take hold of my brush. When I paint, I look inside my mind, to see the flow of energy in the meadows, particles in the wind, wonders in the macro world, the colors of the rainbow through a different perspective. I don’t paint what I see, I paint what I imagine. This is my language to communicate with nature.



Born in Krakow, Poland, and educated in Europe, Elli Albrecht began her career in art from the moment she reached for her first writing utensil. Fascinated by the world of fantasy and moving pictures, motivated her to work in animation production. She worked as a background artist and creative director on numerous films, including works for HBO, Sesame Street, and Cartoon Network. Discovering macro photography, Elli was drawn to finding unusual geometric collages of nature. Her adoration for the beauty in the outdoors transcended into depicting nature’s patterns from her own perspective. Looking for ways to find herself, Elli transitioned from photography and began experimenting with abstract art. Over the years her style evolved from partial to total non objective abstraction, where she fully immersed herself in color and texture. In 2010, she opened her studio gallery where she currently features her most recent works. Elli warmly invites you to discover a contemporary world of nature’s portraits in her studio located in the beautiful historic Easton, PA. .

Adventures in creativity!


1994 — Painter at commercial animation studio “The Ink Tank”.NY

1996 — Bg Artist "Trouble’s the Cat", Seasons 1 for Cartoon Network

1997 — Bg Artist "Trouble’s the Cat", Seasons 2 for Cartoon Network

2000 — Creative Director Established Magik World Studio

2002 — Bg Artist for book adaptations for Weston Woods, Scholastic

2007 — Bg Artist for "Classical Baby " The Poetry, Music, Art and Dance show for HBO

2009 — Artistic Supervisor for Backgrounds "A Family is a Family is a Family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration

2012 — "Natural Elements" Photo Collage Exhibition  Nurture Nature Center Easton PA

2013 — TRIA Art Gallery Woodbury, NJ “Winter Love” Group Show.

2013 — Just Around the Corner Gallery Exhibition. Easton PA

2013 — Magik Design Gallery “Spring Fever” Solo Exhibit Easton PA

2013 — Mercantile Home "Re Master exhibit: Eastonian Summer Show. Easton PA

2013 — RE Find Holiday Interpretations Easton PA

2014 — BOOM: an Art Show Group Exhibition Easton PA

2014 — Nurture Nature Center "A Garden Affair": Art Exhibition Easton PA

2014 — International Contemporary Art exhibition "Punti di Vista" in Rome, Italy

2014 — Projects Gallery “ Square Foot Art Basel “In Miami FL.

2014 — Outsider Art Gallery “The Ornament Show” Frenchtown NJ

2015 — Contemporary Art exhibition in Ragusa Italy

2015 — Project Gallery "Miami Mix" in Miami, FL.

2015 — Pomfret Club "Within A Few Blocks" Group Show in Easton, PA.

2015 — Contemporary Art Exhibition "Punti di Vista"2 Galleria Civica D'Arte,Caltanissetta ,Italy

2015 — The Neoteric International Juried Exhibition "Kites in the City" The HUD Gallery Ventura , CA.

2015 — The Animal Kingdom Art Show Outsider Art Gallery Frenchtown NJ.

2015 — “Perspectives” Art On The Environment at Nurture Nature Center Easton PA.

2015 — Points of View "Exposition Of Contemporary Art" Battipaglia Italy

2015 — Outsider Art Gallery "Art Show " "Botanica Frenchtown NJ.

2015 — Hello Allentown "Art Show " at Refind Allentown PA

2015 — Small Wonders "Art Show" at Nurture Nature Center Easton PA.

2016 — Vernissage "Mind Maps" at 187 Rue Principale PA

2016 — Mind Maps Exibition ––––Magik Studio Gallery Easton PA

2016 — Spring Show Bethlehem House Contemporary Art Gallery PA

2016 — Exibition Falling Rocks The Renaissance Hotel Allentown PA.

2017 — Exibition “ March Mad “ The State Theatre of the Arts. Easton PA

2017 — Art, Poetry, Music “ Reflections“ -----Elli Albrecht Studio Gallery Easton PA