One of the life’s great mysteries in modern times is the understanding of abstract art. To me, this style of the painting represents a way of communicating beyond simple visual means. It considers people’s feelings through their own emotional interpretation. I chose to paint abstract art since I am enthralled by pushing the boundaries of the way our society views the world. Have you ever wondered how our eyes up close resemble small galaxies of clustered light and nebulas? Or wondered when viewing a small rock magnified over a million times under a microscope, it can become a grandiose mountain? When I paint in acrylic, I use a pyramidal technique that bridges this macro world with nature’s ever-expanding universe. When I dip my brush, it’s not a paint that I’m working with, rather colorful particles of energy that unfold on my canvas. Upon many layers of pigment, I scrape with a knife palette to unearth the beauty behind the many acrylic layers of my work. I end with precise detailing textures and shapes until the right amount of harmony is reached. My paintings represent various life forces, mind maps, life's mysteries in the natural elements and colors in motion.I think a burst of creativity not only sparks our imagination but inspires us to act upon our dreams. There are many ways to achieve the same answer, my dream is to connect the world through visual art and to give others a release from one way of thinking. With abstract art, I have found freedom, balance and direction. We learn to become better artists with each new work we make.