Elli Albrecht is a visual artist born in Krakow, Poland. In the early stages of her adventures in creativity, the pencil was her mechanism of mass creation. With this tool she constructed a geometric world of shapes and colors, opening the door to her extensive curiosity. Cultivating her passion for art, Elli sprung her energy into the myriad of artistic forms on the artist's spectrum. At the age of ten, her keen observation absorbed the teachings of her grandfather, who inspired her journey through his love of art.  From this inspiration emerged a ravenous desire to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. In the early 1990s, she discovered the world of animation - full of magical characters. Working on her first film, her eyes were free to see a universe of detail, which developed her love of moving pictures. This also happened to be the setting where she met her future husband, Maciek Albrecht, and established "MaGiKWorld" animation  studio, generously attaining four Emmy awards and various recognitions. Throughout her career, Elli has worked as a background artist and creative director on numerous films, several including works for HBO. Later in her career, she discovered garden photography which became a turning point in her life. Her passion for seeing the beauty in detail as a macro photographer transcended into her work as an abstract artist. This bridge from photography to the abstract world was fueled by the spiritual connection with nature creating a love towards art.