Elli Albrecht Studio

When I dip my brush, it’s not paint that I’m working with, rather colorful particles of energy that unfold on my canvas. When the pigment settles, I scrape with a knife palette to unearth the beauty behind the many acrylic layers of my work. I am a multi-layered artist. Fascinated by the mystery and diversity of natural elements, I unravel them with shapes, colors and textures. Each painting is a separate journey, a slice of meaning in a moment’s time, a puzzle. Although elusive to the observer, abstraction retains a nonconservative path, meaning how one reaches the end will be different each time. I apply a pyramidal technique, beginning from an expansive configuration at the base until the precise point and fine detailing can begin. This is where I stay the longest, balancing the technique of folding and unfolding the layers until the right amount of harmony is reached.

My works were featured in The International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Rome, Italy, HUD Gallery in Ventura, CA Galleria Civica D’Arte  in Caltanissetta Italy, Projects Gallery in Miami FL and others.